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Why Join Road Guardians

Why Join Road Guardians

The Road Guardians program was created to expand and support Accident Scene Management’s (ASM) mission to reduce injuries and fatalities through First Response Education. Since 1996, over 35,000 students have been trained by 140+ certified instructors. Leveraging ASM’s knowledge and experience, Road Guardians was created as a nationally branded program among motorcyclists and provides Resources, Rewards, and Recognition to those who are properly trained. We encourage motorcyclists to be “lifelong learners” by providing resources, and partnerships with safety minded businesses.

The Road Guardians Program Provides:

The program encourages motorcyclists to see motorcycle safety as a larger topic (comprised of six educational components):

  1. Rider education
  2. State licensing and laws education
  3. Impaired rider education
  4. Apparel education
  5. Motorist awareness education
  6. First response education. provides both free and paid member services.

We seek to create a one-stop community for learning ways to improve riding skills, links to safety education and services, legal resources (as recommended by Bikers), biker owned businesses, local and national events and news. RG members receive exclusive member benefits (click here to view). Join Road Guardians today to become part of our community!

Road Guardian Memberships help us achieve our goal of reducing injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. Join our efforts today and become a member!

To view a full list of first hand accounts from students and professionals who have used their ASM training click HERE

See what Road Guardian Members have to say:

I attended the ASM classes earlier this year at Leeward Community College on Oahu. I’d like to share my story: I had breakfast with some friends then headed out to Mokuleia. On the way back up Kaukonahua Road (also called snake road), we encounter a motorcycle versus guardrail crash that was BAD. People were on the phone with dispatchers, and two guys were tending to the victim, who was thrown off the road and into deep California grass. Listening to the conversation, I asked if anyone had assessed the right leg beyond what was visible, as his leg was out of view and under the grass.  I was able to slide down the hill and get to the victim to assess. There was a severe laceration on the top of his foot, but it was not bleeding. A trauma nurse stopped by with bag of supplies. She took over assessing him and wrapped the laceration on his head and forearm. We were able to brief the EMT’s regarding each of his known injuries. EMT’s treated and stabilized him in the ambulance and finally took him to be treated. The ASM training course I took earlier this year was well worth the time and empowered me to be able to help a brother during his time of need.

Road Guardians: thank you for all that you do to help all of us!

Rob in Hawaii

Driving down the interstate today at the 90/94 split in my company car and came upon an accident, a family pulling an RV trailer somehow lost the trailer and rolled their truck into the ditch, was told it rolled 3 times. I arrived within a minute of it happening. I was able to respond with everything that was taught at the ASM class……I used PACT instinctively… got EMS called, treated a 3 year old girl with a head laceration, a mother with leg lacerations and calmed a scared father. When State Police showed up, I told them extent of injuries, he let me continue to help, Fire and EMT’s arrived, I told them what they had and went on my merry way.

After reviewing what happened as I was back on the road I was really impressed with what you guys had taught me and how it came into play.  Just wanted to say Thanks.

Keith from Wisconsin

I wish I never had to say this but I used my training today and everything worked as planned. I was in a group ride and one bike passing the group at moderate speed crashed into a bike trying to exit the group to the left. I immediately put my training to use. I blocked the scene to oncoming traffic, evaluated the injuries with others who stopped, controlled how many fellow riders stopped, had bikers comfort victims and perform first aid, had someone call 911, directed traffic around the scene. It actually went amazingly smooth and was done quickly and calmly. The injuries were to the legs and torso of the female passenger and the arm of the driver. The other driver actually escaped injury except minor soreness as he stayed with his bike and was protected by his fairing and saddle bags. All riders had helmets on. The ambulance took the injured to the hospital and I was thanked by several of the responding law enforcement personnel. By taking control of the traffic, before help arrived, I allowed fire/rescue, ambulance, and law enforcement responders easy quick and safe access to the scene. Thankfully, the injuries were not more severe. I was surprised how everyone maintained their composure. Thank you!

Alan from NH