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RG Member Benefits

Why Become a Road Guardian Member?

I’m not sure about you, but when it comes to riding I feel like everyone wants you to join their group. Some groups even require you to be a member of a “main” group before you can join the local chapter, and yes, you have to pay for both separate memberships. The more groups, the more money, and the more time spent at meetings. Don’t get me wrong, the people I have met through many of the groups I joined are truly like family and I wouldn’t change those times for anything. I like knowing that I am part of something bigger, and when I am dishing out my hard earned funds I like knowing that they are going to something worth while. However, I am currently at a time in my life where my free time is pretty limited, especially if it needs to be kid free because the meeting is held in a dive bar.

So what’s my point?!

I have a group that fits my wants perfectly and I know others love it too. Being a part of Road Guardians gives me the belonging and biker family I want, but never have the time for, no meetings necessary! The super low yearly fee of only $20 is investing in a cause I believe in, that is providing a real service to providing Road Guardian Members to help involve motorcyclists in working towards the goal of reaching zero motorcycle fatalities. To read more details on how they provide help, click here. Who doesn’t want to keep bikers alive?!  Besides no time commitment, low cost, patch and other goodies you receive in your welcoming package, you also are able to cash in on a bunch of other great benefits including discounts on Accident Scene Management Classes! You can check out the website for a list of member benefits in the Secure Road Guardian’s Member Area, the list is currently being updated and always added to. You are also eligible to compete in monthly trivia that is hosted on the Members only Facebook page. I can’t think of other memberships that give back more to their members than the typical cost.

-Doris Weber

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