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200 Series


200 SeriesWe are always looking to make our website more helpful to you.   We wanted to showcase a few things we have been doing on the backend to make sure you knew about all the possibilities of engaging with Road Guardians!

We created an updated look with a new website structure that has been redesigned to make it easier for Road Guardian Members, Instructors, and those that are new to Road Guardians.  Our Online Classes make it easy for you to get motorcycle training in the comfort of your home, especially at this time when education is as important as ever, yet in-person training is difficult to coordinate.  Our Store area makes sure you have access to RG and ASM merchandise and all of the first aid and trauma supplies you need for safe riding.

We have added new ways for you to Get Involved with our mission to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists,  we added a Memorial Wall so you can create a permanent way to honor your loved one, we created more ways to Donate with a tax-deductible gift so more people will have access to motorcycle safety training. We hope to make it easier to find your way around the website and welcome your feedback.  Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions for us.

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