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5 Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle in the Summer Heat

Summer is a popular time for motorcycle riders

Motorcycle events are in full swing and motorcyclists can use their bike as their main source of transportation, cutting down on fuel costs. While the weather is generally pleasant during the summer months, there will be days where there is extreme heat. Riding in the summer heat can be dangerous if you don’t prepare or take the proper precautions.

Here are five tips to help you safely ride in the summer heat:

  1. Stay hydrated. You’re going to sweat a lot riding on a hot summer day, especially if you’re wearing a lot of riding gear. Since sweat can evaporate quickly while you’re riding, the amount that you’re sweating may be less noticeable and can lead to heat exhaustion and dehydration very quickly. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. It’s best to bring more water with you than you think you’ll need and even bring a few frozen water bottles to help keep cool. Don’t forget to not only hydrate but also replace electrolytes. You can get them in pill form which is easiest to carry at
  2. Avoid riding if you’re tired. If you’re tired before you plan to ride, then it’s not a good idea to get on your bike. The heat will make you even more exhausted and you won’t be able to properly focus on your surroundings. Avoiding energy drinks is a good idea as well, since you’ll eventually be tired again after drinking them and they can add to dehydration.
  3. Use the right gear. Dehydration and exhaustion aren’t the only ways you can be injured in the heat. Intense heat is usually accompanied by intense sunlight that can cause extreme sunburn in a few minutes. Using the proper riding gear will help keep you covered from the sun and safe in the event of a crash. Many companies even make cooling gear to help you beat the heat on a sweltering day. If you choose to ride without gear or a helmet, make sure that you’re wearing sunscreen of 30 SPF or more.
  4. Remember to rest. Long rides can be exhausting, even without extreme heat. In warm temperatures, plan to take more rest breaks at various stops along your ride, so you can sit in the shade or in an air-conditioned location. Being in top shape for riding will make sure you are able to give your full attention to the road and have a safe ride.
  5. Note melting roads and parking lots and use a kickstand puck. Asphalt melts in hot temperatures, making newer roads soft and affecting the handling of your bike. Drive with caution on roads that may be affected by the heat. Even parking your bike on asphalt could be hazardous. A kickstand can sink into hot asphalt in parking lots or on roads, making your bike vulnerable to tipping over. Using a kickstand puck gives your kickstand more surface area and prevents it from sinking into the ground, keeping your bike upright. Hupy and Abraham hands out free kickstand pucks at many motorcycle events. For more information on how you can get your free kickstand puck, go to HUPY.COM.

Being prepared for the challenges of riding in hot weather will give you a better chance of having a safe and enjoyable ride

Along with these tips, make sure that you’re always doing the most to stay seen by others on your bike. Hupy and Abraham has supported motorcycle safety for decades and promotes rider awareness with the firm’s “Watch for Motorcycles” message. Hupy and Abraham is a law firm proud to help riders. If you’re injured while riding, call Hupy and Abraham right away at 800-800-5678. We’ve collected over $1 billion for over 70,000 injured people.

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