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Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians


Motorcycle First Aid
Arizona ASM training has suffered since Teresa McClelland-Martinez (beloved ASM instructor, nurse nick named Trauma Mama) moved to Texas to help open new free-standing Emergency Care Centers. She started out at the South Eastern tip of Texas and now working on doing the same in the San Antonio area.   After a few years of...
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ASM Founder to be inducted into Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame Accident Scene Management founder, Vicki “Spitfire” Sanfelipo, will be inducted into the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame August 12, 2020. There is a strict vetting process that takes place each year, and the board of directors at the Sturgis Museum considers candidates...
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On May 3, 2014 the HOG chapter I belong to was conducting a group riding class. We use the class to teach new members and others how we ride as a group. After a 1hour classroom presentation, we took to the road to put this information into practice. We had 2 safety officers riding sweep at the...
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