Arizona ASM is ON FIRE

Arizona ASM training has suffered since Teresa McClelland-Martinez (beloved ASM instructor, nurse nick named Trauma Mama) moved to Texas to help open new free-standing Emergency Care Centers. She started out at the South Eastern tip of Texas and now working on doing the same in the San Antonio area.


After a few years of having no classes taught, ASM received a message last summer from Dan Dan the Fireman who is located in the Tucson area. Dan has been riding motorcycles since 2011. From 2007 to 2018, he was a full-time career Firefighter/EMT-B, applying that knowledge to help other motorcyclists stay safe. Dan utilizes his YouTube channel, DanDanTheFireman, to spread motorcycle safety messages even further! Since retiring as a Firefighter/EMT-B, Dan said: “I have dedicated myself to saving motorcyclists lives.” Dan became a MSF Rider Coach at the beginning of 2019. He says, “The more I learn, the better I can teach”. To reach Dan, CLICK HERE or watch some of his safety videos, click here.


A few months after Dan became an instructor, Kristin “Blinky” Hinson, RN from Tucson reached out with her enthusiastic determination to teach not only ASM but various safety and medical classes! She completed ASM training and opened a business called “Riders to the Rescue”.  Kristin already has many classes on the schedule and is intending to do ASM and CPR/AED/1st Aid full time. Kris has been riding motorcycles since 2002.  She has been a member of the American Legion Riders and currently rides with Blackhorse Regimental Cavalry Motorcycles.  Kris has worked ER, OR, medical/surgical, rehab, progressive care (formerly known as ICU step-down) as well as moonlighting as an EMT while serving in the army. To contact Kris for a class: CLICK HERE


Late 2019, Mike Clarke, EMT from Phoenix area contacted us. He just completed his training and is ready to begin scheduling classes. Mike got his first motorcycle at 5 years old. He currently rides a 2009 CVO Ultra Classic Screamin’ Eagle. He is a member of HOG and the Defiant Brotherhood Motorcycle Club. Mike is an EMT who is working on becoming a Paramedic. After 5 years working on an ambulance in Pinal County he left that job to join the exciting world of the hospital ER! To contact Mike, CLICK HERE


The need is great. There are millions of motorcyclists who are not trained in emergency response! Training instructors so they can serve their communities is of great importance. We are currently seeking instructors in Myrtle Beach, SC and Birmingham, AL in particular. If you are a Healthcare professional who rides, you can get more information about our process and how you can serve your community by CLICKING HERE!


  1. Clyde Taylor says

    Kris “Blinky” RN is one of the finest women you could ever ask to meet she is an excellent MC rider that I have personally ridden many miles with, she has extensive knowledge of medical procedure, the patience of a Saint til you piss her off. She will tell you like it is but you will forever remember what you learn.She is a Military Veteran that continues to serve the community and veterans across the nation as a volunteer for the Missing In America Project Veteran Recovery Program providing final interment for Unclaimed Veterans that have been sitting in storage. Her dedication,her heart and compassion is unsurpassed.

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