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ASM Training Used

harley davidson motorcycle rider

Motorcycle goup ride

The HOG chapter I belong to was conducting a group riding class. We use the class to teach new members and others how we ride as a group. After a 1 hour classroom presentation, we took to the road to put this information into practice. We had 2 safety officers riding sweep at the end of the group. About 20 minutes into the ride I saw the group slowing down and bunching up. I then saw a pickup truck straddling the centerline of the road. My first thought was, “what’s happening? What’s going on”? As I got closer I saw the bottom of a motorcycle. I instantly hit my CB Radio button and called thru the radio, “Bike down! Bike down!”. The other safety officer promptly headed to the scene. I implemented our training, “P.A.C.T.”

Prevent Further Injury: I stayed at the rear of the group until all riders were clear of the scene. I put my flashers on and parked my motorcycle blocking the traffic lane to assist with traffic control.

Assess the Situation: As I approached the scene I was surveying what was happening. We had not 1 bike but 2 bikes down.

Contact the EMS: I could see that someone was on the phone with EMS

Treat the Injured with Life Sustaining Care: I observed that the other road captains at the scene were taking care of the traffic as the other safety officer was treating the most serious of the injured. We had 3 people involved with the crash, 2 obviously injured. I started checking the 2nd injured person. I also kept watch on the 3rd rider involved. I kept my eyes checking the scene. Watching my injured person plus the other injured person in case more help was needed.

Motorcycle Accident Scene

The sheriff’s deputy arrived and was was putting on her gloves as she came to check on the injured. She could see that we had the injured people being taken care of. Shortly after, the EMTs and Fire Rescue were on scene. They took over the care of our injured as we reported what we had done. At the hospital the deputy asked the injured riders what group they belonged to. She stated that this was the first time she responded to a motorcycle crash with no screaming or panicking people on scene. Instead, she found people calmly treating the injured and securing the scene.

When we were released from the scene we caught up with the rest of the group. Word had spread about the crash. There was a talk about it before the ride started again since we had new members on their first ride with our chapter. They were impressed to know that our Road Captains and Safety Officers had ASM training, and that if they got hurt someone would be there to help them. This is the 2nd time I needed to use my training. I pass out ASM information wherever I go.

Kevin Carpenter

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