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This Course is a ‘Must Do’ For Motorcyclists

I have just completed the ASM ‘Crash Course for Motorcyclists’ held at Chirnside Park and would like to pass on to fellow motorcyclists that this is an excellent course, very well presented, and focused on motorcyclists and our needs.

As a Ships Master and lecturer, I have the misfortune of having to attend many First Aid courses, but I can assure you that this one is quite a bit different – it’s interesting, for a change! The Instructors did a great job and worked very hard to provide good, solid, and pertinent information with a good sprinkling of anecdotes and case examples. The practical demonstration of removing a helmet from an injured rider stands out as being of great value on its own, but there’s a lot more to the course than that.

This course is a ‘must-do’ for motorcyclists of every kind. The more riders on the road with this knowledge, the higher the chances of receiving prompt medical attention specific to their needs in the unfortunate event of an accident.

I can see the day when it will be standard procedure for all rides to include members who are graduates of this course – I would be greatly reassured to know that our rides were fully self-sustaining with regard to Accident Scene Management and First Aid.

It’s always hard to find the time to do such courses, we are all ‘time hungry’ – but you must make the time to do this – you won’t be disappointed! It’s sobering to think that the life saved may, in fact, be your own……? Logically, the more riders you can persuade to do the course directly improves your own chances of survival!

My thanks to Ulysses and TAC for getting behind this and supporting these courses.
It’s essential that the motorcycling community supports ASM/Road Guardians in the best way possible—by attending!

Captain Rob Anderson #53106

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