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We at ASM/Road Guardians know that there are many riders out there who want to learn what to do at the scene of a crash.  One of our goals is to get as many people trained as possible but we know that a huge barrier to achieving that goal is the location and the timing of when classes are offered.  Our traditional Instructor Led (IL) classes are a full day session where our Instructors conduct an 8 hour class (which includes a 1 hour lunch break).  When a group requests to be trained in Basic and Advanced this means a commitment for the whole weekend.  While we feel that the Instructor Led classes are the most beneficial and are still our preferred way for new students to learn, we realize that for some that time and travel commitment is too great.


We also are aware that the new “norm” is to offer online learning.  With those barriers in mind we created Blended Learning (BL) courses as an option.  With Blended Learning a student is able to do the classroom learning on their own time via our newly created Online course (2.5 hour commitment), and then take a 4 hour hands on class in person with an Instructor in order to practice the hands-on skills that are taught in a traditional Instructor Led class.  In the BL class, the online portion of the class must be completed before attending the hands on instruction. This can be done at your own pace and around your own schedule. Students have a full 30 days to complete the online training.  It can be started and stopped as many times as needed and can be done on any device whether it be a computer, a tablet or even a smart phone.  Both IL and BL classes offer certification.  While ANYONE can take the online or even the hands on classes, certification is only available to those who complete both the online course and the hands on training. For more information about the classes, including prices and how to refresh your training CLICK HERE. You can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions.


If you would like more information or would like to know which option would be best for yourself or your group contact Michelle at or fill out a contact for HERE.

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