Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians


Robert Sinard Lead Instructor
Bob is the Professor of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He specializes in head and neck cancer, reconstruction, and airway reconstruction and has been practicing for 26 years. He is also the Program Director for Otolaryngology and designs the educational program for five residents per year for five years of instruction...
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hannah stockton
Hannah bought her first motorcycle in 2019, a 2017 ninja 300 for the street. She had been wanting to participate in track days so she picked up a second ninja 300 to be her dedicated track bike! Hannah is an ICU Registered Nurse at one of the larger area hospitals in her area. While in...
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Men being funny
  It’s time to celebrate! 2018 has been such an exciting and transforming year for ASM/Road Guardians.  We are ending this year with nearly 100 new Road Guardian Members. If you are not already a Member we would love to have you join!  There are many benefits to becoming an RG Member, click HERE to...
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Tony teaching
We at ASM/Road Guardians know that there are many riders out there who want to learn what to do at the scene of a crash.  One of our goals is to get as many people trained as possible but we know that a huge barrier to achieving that goal is the location and the timing...
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group training with certificates
Are you interested in getting a group trained?  Or maybe there isn’t a class available in your area at the moment and you want to know if something will be coming up?  We have many amazing Instructors located all over the United States that are happy to help!  Check out our newly upgraded Instructor Map to find...
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Phone map
Introducing our new Class Map!  We have created a brand new way for you to search for available classes in your area.  Check out our Interactive Map where you will have the ability to see exactly where classes are in your area.  You are able to zoom in and click on the markers to learn...
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Car Crash
In August we received this note from Gina Bratkowsky I took the ASM Basic and Advanced courses back in early March and loved them! Shortly after I also completed First Aid, CPR & AED certification. Why did I do this? There were two particular incidents in the past (neither one motorcycle related) that I happened...
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Jaw Thrust rescue breathing
Accident Scene Management is removing barriers in order to train more instructors. In the past ASM has required a full 4-day, on site Instructor training class be completed in order to certify an Instructor to teach. This has made Instructor training difficult for not only the student but for the trainers as well. With Blended...
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