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laptop bike

laptop bike

Do you know what to do at the scene of a motorcycle crash?

Have you wanted to take an ASM Class but weren’t able to find one in your area?  Or maybe the dates didn’t work out, you didn’t have a full day to commit to the class or it has been ages since you took the training.  Well, we have GREAT news for you! Our ASM Basic class is now available online!

You can learn what to do at the scene of a motorcycle crash from the comfort of your own home.  The course will be available to you for 30 days from the date of purchase and can be done in as many sittings as you prefer.  It is compatible to take via your home computer, a tablet or even on your smartphone!

The online course takes around 2 hours to complete but will depend on how fast or slow you want to go since you can set your own pace. We tried to cater to every type of learning when creating this course since everyone learns differently.  There will be text, videos, picture and quizzes to give each student an experience that will help you best retain what you learned. You will automatically receive a pdf certificate of completion when you finish.

Want to become certified? 

Within 6 months you can take the hands-on portion of the class (a half day class) with an ASM Instructor to gain full certification and a patch.  But what if you aren’t able to get into a hands-on training?  That’s okay! While you may not be able to practice the hands-on skills you WILL be empowered with the knowledge of what to do! We are confident that once you take our online course you will want to continue on to complete a 3-hour hands on class for full certification.

Don’t see a class? Contact an Instructor in your area. Be a leader in your community, be prepared and know what to do in case the things don’t go right.  Prepared motorcycle trained first responders at accidents can make a difference in outcomes.  Know what to do before professional help arrives. CLICK HERE to sign up for an Online class.

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