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Accident Scene Management 2018 Year in Review

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It’s time to celebrate! 2018 has been such an exciting and transforming year for ASM/Road Guardians.  We are ending this year with nearly 100 new Road Guardian Members. If you are not already a Member we would love to have you join!  There are many benefits to becoming an RG Member, click HERE to learn more.





In 2018 we also brought on board 10 new Instructors coming to us from Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Virginia, California, Texas and Vermont as well as two Instructors that are in training in Canada!  If you are interested in becoming an Instructor or would like more information click HERE.


This year we have turned our attention to making access to classes easier using online resources.  We have upgraded our Instructor Map and our Class map to make finding ASM classes and Instructors in your area visual.  We have also created online course options to give our students better access to the important information ASM has to offer.  Whether a student is looking for a refresher to reinforce what they have already learned, a student is taking the class as part of our blended learning (part online training and part in person with an Instructor) or a student simply doesn’t have access to a class or an Instructor in their area; our online courses are breaking down access barriers of time and location to ensure that anyone who wants to learn what to do at the scene of a crash has access to the important information.


This year, thanks to fundraising from Harley Davidson Women’s Ride and Hollywood’s Roadhouse events, we were able to raise funds that will provide FREE training to professional rescuers in Lake Country & Milwaukee.  We have also moved our Annual Road Guardians River Run to a new location that will allow us to create a larger rally. We have several groups joining us in 2019!


Lastly we would like to give a shout out to Hupy and Abraham Law firm.  The law firm has been a supporter of ASM since the very beginning in 1997. They have renewed our partnership again this year and will be working with us to provide safety messages and produce a Good Samaritan Law video that will help us with our mission to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. Would you like to join us and help us achieve our goals? Contact Us to tell us how you can help or Join Road Guardians and be part of our “crew”.


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