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Non-Profit helps Motorcyclists!

It seems everyone has their hands out this year asking for help. It’s been a rough one for most of us, especially nonprofit organizations. At Road Guardians, our passion is to help motorcyclists by empowering them to act in a time of need. Our first responder training for motorcyclists not only helps those in motorcycle crashes, but it also helps create a group of two-wheeled Good Samaritans and it helps motorcycling in general!

A generous motorcycle safety minded donor has offered to match your donations up to $500. Will you help us to help you by helping us take advantage of this gift? Consider a donation to Accident Scene Management/Road Guardians this holiday season. We are one of the original nonprofit organizations that specifically help motorcyclists. During this year of the COVID-19 Pandemic, motorcycling was found to be one of the safer activities a person could engage in as they socially distanced. We have seen an increase in crashes and fatalities. Due to restrictions on people gathering indoor, ASM training has taken a hit but we are working diligently to do what we can until people can gather again. Our online training has picked up and we have developed Virtual Hands-On training to help people get certified.

We took advantage of this gift of time and have used it to refresh & simplify our website. We added a new program called “Give” that allows you to make recurring or even memorial donations. We added a memorial wall to pay tribute to loved ones! We will even send a card to someone on your behalf from Road Guardians.

Other simple ways to help:


Happy Holidays to everyone!

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