Scott “Spiritrider” Gates – Assistant Instructor

Scott GatesHello, my name is Scott “Spiritrider” Gates I have been riding for 6 yrs and I work hard to promote motorcycle safety and awareness. I currently work as a substitute teacher and an elections judge for wise county along with working with AIR EVAC LIFETEAMS membership program. I have been promoting this program ever since I found it and have decided that I could better serve as an Instructor.   When not riding my Honda VTX 1800R, I enjoy performing vocal music and C&W Ballroom dance and working with politics. i have a stepdaughter who is special needs who has benefited from my training  which has helped her out more than once whcih is proof that more than just bikers are helped through our program

I originally completed ASM’s Basic and Advanced training a year ago and have been certified in CPR for two years. I am a member of Rescue Riders who encourage all members to be ASM trained.  I am always interested in what is new in emergency care. With knowledge comes power and with the knowledge gained from ASM’s Crash Course classes comes the power to help save a life. I hope you will join the many people who are trained to make a difference.

To schedule a class with me contact me online.

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